Accessible, bespoke interior schemes created with you for your home

Your Interiors Friend is just that. Someone whose taste and style you admire, whose opinion you trust and who won't charge you a fortune for their help.

Through working with a number of friends and clients over the last decade, we have developed a product which balances all the help that you need to complete your interiors project, in an affordable and easy to navigate package.

We'll take your hand and coach you through the process of the scheme creation so you'll have the confidence to complete your scheme when your time and budget allow.

But we'll also help you take that extra step, the bold brave choices that you want to do, you just need Your Interiors Friend to reassure you.

This means that you don't have to wait until you have a chunk of time or a chunk of money before you make a start. For instance, when you need to buy a light , you can buy one, using the plan to help you make the decision, and buy with the confidence that your light will fit into the overall scheme when it is finished. No time or money wasted. No regrets.


We'll open the door to your new room scheme

come on in

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Serena has a real gift for interpreting your tastes, ideas and blind-spots into something fresh and exciting whilst fully respecting the brief.
— Mrs B, Birmingham

So if we're going to be friends, I should probably introduce myself... name is Serena and over the course of the last 15 years I have developed my lifetime love of colour and style, into interior decoration knowledge and experience.

I'm obsessive about research. Trawling magazines, books, websites, blogs, and all the interiors websites, has given me a real idea as to where to source items. I'm constantly inspired by restaurants, hotels and other peoples homes, particularly in France, as I've spent over 11 years, renovating our 'Maison Secondaire' there from a beautiful old shell, to a comfortable but adorable family holiday spot.

I obviously have my own style, which you can probably see from my Instagram feed below. I love blue and have a love of balancing the old with the new and vice versa. However, I think an interiors scheme can only ever be successful if it reflects the family or person that lives there. Otherwise a room is always in isolation and won't fit with the rest of the house. This is where I have been told and feel confident that I can really help. I like to work through a process with clients that really establishes what it is that makes up their own style. Everyone has likes, they just might not know how to access them. You could think of me as an Interiors translator. Taking your loves and turning it into a cohesive interiors scheme that you can implement and follow yourself.

You'll own it. That's why you'll love it. It comes from you.