Large or small, from downstairs loo to a double height galleried living space; we'll help you transform your space into just what you always dreamed of.


from this...

slightly embarrassing for guests

Small but perfectly formed

An under-the-stairs loo. The smallest room of the house, but the one that every guest visits.

The client needed help with this tiny loo. She was embarrassed by it. An internal window, no natural light, tiny space, no hot water pipes....the list of problems went on. 

Naturally the budget was small, so why have a designer to help?

The client did not know where to start.

She enlisted the help of Your Interiors Friend, to prise out a love of teal, Art Deco. A fear of clutter turned into an interest in building a collection of objects. 


P1030347.JPG this

Art Deco haven

Via the Your Interiors Friend Package

Fully explained with an accompanying written document. 

Two sad, unloved bathrooms

Both badly designed, a tight squeeze, reaching over the bath to see in the mirror. Gloomy.

...and after. A luxurious, tranquil family bathroom. Separate bath, twin sinks, separate shower. Modern yet classically timeless. Created with the help of Your Interiors Friend.